I am very thankful to the school which gave me an
opportunity to write about my feelings about my
school. What makes a student good is the curiosity
to learn new things since childhood. I have been
incredibly lucky to have found a school like ‘Abhinav.’
The school moulds one’s personality in such a way
that a student can stand on his or her feet in the
future. The teachers from school always encourage
the students to climb the ladder of success. Every
year, Abhinav School organises various events like
Sports Day, Annual Day, district level competitions,
singing competitions, Science, Math and Art
exhibitions to motivate the students to present their
talents. The teachers in this school are so friendly
that one can share with them all the problems and
doubts they have. The most important value which I
learnt in the school is to toil day and night for being
a good citizen of India. I think I will
never get such a secure and friendly
atmosphere and valuable moral
values from anywhere else than my