English Club

We are proud to share that the recently started English club in Abhinav English Medium School is gaining momentum.

English club has come up with Extempore competition for Class 6 and 7, this time. The competition was put up, to bring out the students presence of mind, content delivery and develop confidence, to speak within the time frame allotted.

The event was inaugurated by our supportive Principal Varsha Sharma Mam, and judges Kirti Patil Mam and Deepa Deshpande Mam.

It was really an overwhelming response that we received from our students.

21 students from Class 6 and 22 students from Class 7 participated in the final round conducted on 3rd August 2018.

The winners from Class 6 were
1st position – Sairaj Phate
2nd position- Mayura Baviskar
3rd position- Shubhra Kshirsagar

The winners from
Class 7 were
1st position – Shreya Shendkar
2nd position- Siddhi Deshpande
3rd position- Sarthak Hulawale

English Club will soon come up, with more exciting events for it’s students. So stay tuned….

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