Maths Club

Abhinav Education Society’s
Abhinav English Medium School has started a new Maths Club.

The event began with the lightning of lamp by our supervisor Dhanashree Mam, along with our eminent judges-
Vrushali Kulkarni Mam
Pradnya Reddy Mam
Vaishali Badwe Mam

The first competition was held on 4 August 2018 for the Table Test Competition wherein 6 groups participated.The 6 groups were-
1) Aryabhatta
2) Pascal
3) Pythagoras
4) Bhaskaracharya
5) Ramanujan
6) C.R Rao

The 4 rounds conducted were-
1) Table Recitation
2) Dogging of Tables
3) Multiples and Factors
4) Brain Test

The participants and the students took part with full interest and enthusiasm.
The winning team were –
1) Pascal ( V-B Bhairat Saurabh Mahadev VI-E Kulkarni Piyush )
2) C.R. Rao ( V-F Prajapati Shweta Sudarshan VI-A Khapre Vaibhav Vitthal )
3) Bhaskaracharya ( V-D Phatak Ayush Chandrakant VI-C Chimkar Aditya Vijay )

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